Welcome to the Cooking Oil Recycling Program, a Community Project of Blue Ridge Biofuels

  Cooking Recycling Bin at Aston Towers The Cooking Oil Recycling Program is a community project started in 2010 by Blue Ridge Biofuels for providing used oil recycling services to Western North Carolina. Used cooking oil can clog sewer pipes and pollute our waterways. By recycling used cooking oils, area residents can reduce the amount of public dollars spent on clean-ups. The COR Program is the first of its kind in the region and provides recycling services previously unavailable in our local communities.

Did you know that fuel can be made from used cooking oil? In collaboration with our Partners in Sustainability, we have placed over 35 bins across WNC to keep used cooking oils and greases out of the sewers and landfills. This valuable resource is collected by Blue Ridge Biofuels and manufactured into biodiesel fuel – a clean-burning alternative to petroleum diesel. Serenity Recycling Recycling your used cooking oil creates jobs, reduces waste, saves money, improves air quality, and creates clean energy in our local communities.

Locally-made recycling bins for used cooking oil are placed throughout Buncombe County and Western North Carolina. Visit our bin location page to find your nearest recycling bin and for information on how to get involved with the Program. It takes an active involvement to create sustainable communities. JOIN THE LOCAL FUEL ECONOMY!   ABCCM-VRQ